Day 5 Dalchhinkali to Daman

If today was an episode of 'Friends' it would be 'the one with all the hills'.

It was an early start this morning, after another night of howling dogs and a wake up call by buddist horns outside the room. Toby Cobb kindly warmed us all up with a version of the Hokey Cokey and by 7am we were on our way. 

The day started with a smooth downhill but before we knew it we started the never ending uphill climb which was super bumpy and somewhat uncomfortable for the rear end. 

Everyone today is feeling all the bumps! 

At our first stop we refuelled with super sweet Nepalese tea and spicy pakoras (Jagan showed Sam Tesch how the delights were being made by a man with with his bare hands kneading the mixture in a dark shed at the back - no need to tell anyone we've already scoffed the plate). Guy Bolam then decided to set up a petting zoo with three baby kids that were roaming around. 

Day 5 Blog 3

We carried on uphill climbing through the Valley; the views were just stunning. The roads were uneven but the sun was shining brightly.

Day 5 Blog 2

It was approaching lunch and everyone has worked together so well. We knew today was a long day and therefore we had little time for stops, so lunch was brief and before we knew it, we were back on the road. Knowing we were half way and having already climbed 3,000 feet we pressed on as a team to get the day done. 

The afternoon was a long windy road uphill to the hotel which was on top of the mountain at Daman. The road went on forever, it was a few hours of constant uphill whilst battling past various vehicles. We were all feeling the fatigue and to see our Charity Challenge Leader Colin Lovell cycling back down to tell us how much more we needed to do, was a wonderful vision for most of the team. I can't describe the relief when you see the finish point up above. The beers at the top were well deserved today. 

I've asked a few people to describe the day in one word: brutal, torturous, embracing, challenging and mind blowing. 

Day 5 Blog 1

Today was a real challenge mentally and physically and everyone should be super proud as we climbed a total of 6600 feet on terrain that was like rough UK bridleways. We were on the saddle for nine and three quarter hours and that is why we all have sore bums! 

You can support the team through our fundraising site - your generous funds will go directly to support disadvantaged children in the UK and overseas. 

Cat McNeil

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