Day 6 Daman to Naubise

Breakfast - damp cornflakes, they did not need the milk to soak them further. Thankfully we had cooked breakfast too. Milky tea again. Nepal is not famed for the quality of its coffee and tea.

The most organised, planned, detailed and thorough workout ever devised was delivered by who other than the great, Stuart Buckingham. 

Day 6 Blog 1

Not a lot happened on the way down the momentous mountain. The surprise was that we had all cycled up that same route yesterday afternoon. Even our most hardened riders were astonished. 

Day 6 Blog 2

Well I say nothing but Mo Rasool still managed to find a moving tree, trap his chain on his bike and extol the virtues of a magic seat which moves up and down without having to stop cycling. 

Having had no snacks other than occasional melted bounty bar we then find there is no lunch. But this is quickly forgotten, as we headed into the Kathmandu valley.

What an experience! Miles of downhill at pace, but not too quickly to miss some of the best views seen on the trip. And bearing in mind some of the views we have seen, that is saying something.

Well at least there were only 5 kms to the finish, as we lined up, quite rightly ladies first and Mark Duckworth and Guy Bolam at the back the 5 kms became 15 kms and more - Nothing new there in Jagan's estimation of distance!

And the end was eventually reached. We were greeted by a few local kids but we felt the whole world was watching as we sped into the stadium (perhaps better described as a dusty lorry stop - but that doesn't matter). 

Day 6 Blog 3


Day 6 Blog 4

This has been nothing short of remarkable six days completed by a fairly average 16 people, who have managed an incredible journey through the beautiful country that is Nepal.

Wonderful people, incredible scenery, great hospitality, and one national dish. What else could one ask for? Well perhaps two national dishes, for variety.

Congratulations riders. We should all be proud of each other.

Day 6 Blog 5

Raise a celebratory glass of Newali chai tea to one and all. A fabulous week rasing money for a wonderful charity. 

You can still support the team through our fundraising site - your generous funds will go directly to support disadvantaged children in the UK and overseas.

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