Day 4 Godavari to Dakchhinkali

Mad dogs and British men - well that's how the day started with "barking hounds" all night long and 16 British men and women starting Day 4. 

We had our own Hindu yoga master Sanjay Parmar doing the warm up, 15 mins of inner calm and balance. Then a lovely sunny descent where we need to tackle the first off road section amongst a typical community area starting their day. We see whole families - parents, kids and household bits hanging off every hook on a single motorbike. 

Day 4 Blog 1

We travelled through Kathmandu with Stuart Buckingham and Guy Bolam clashing handle bars - but they are such professionals and headed back off again zooming past the team whilst Marc Wooldridge and one of our guides, as they break their chains. 

Lunch was sociable in a lovely Nepalese family restaurant a relaxing time and welcome respite from the hot, hot sun. After lunch we headed down a very steep descent to the river bed and amazing long steel bridge, single file was the only way across. 

Then a really steep climb to regain the height lost. The children play on fantastic bamboo swings, which are strong enough for adults to join in - so Guy and Mark Duckworth had to have a play. Guy giving an acrobatic display with Jagan our group leader. 

Day 4 Blog 2

We dodged the continual stream of motorbikes, buses, trucks beeping to let us know they were there as we climbed and climbed to our hotel - another welcome sight on such a hot day.....but this was our first day finishing in sunshine :) 

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Ramon Puig

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