Day 1 Kathmandu to Nagarkot 38km

Happy Dasain

It's Nepal's biggest festival lasting 15 days and we've arrived in the middle of it. After the traditional Day 1 warm up from Mo Rasool, veteran of 15 cycle challenges, we cycled from Kathmandu through the side streets as dogs sleep in the sun and we're blessed with the amazing aromas of incense and spices.

Day 1 Blog 1

We reach  the first off road section - it was heavily pitted wet sand where Brian Downton and Ted took the first fall - there were no injuries more dented pride. The terrain got tougher and we welcomed our break Bhaktapur. Lunch ordered we had time to visit this amazing UNESCO heritage site. Prior to the 2015 earthquake it was one of the best preserved sites and whilst many temples were damaged most still stand, but residential areas were devastated. 

We headed off after a traditional curry lunch and Stuart Buckingham picked up his first puncture, quickly followed by his second and he's now the proud owner of the rogue nail!  

The hills await as we climb towards Nagarkot. The terrain is crazy; rocks and rubble and struggle. We hear the sound of a peep peep horn of motorcycle or van wanting to come past......we've been told size counts so we have to let the them through.

The temperature drops and the light starts to fail and we still have more hills to reach the hotel. Toby Cobb is a star, learning from last year and has packed his lights, which helped him and his amigos reach the hotel, others used their own night vision. Apparently there are amazing views of the Himalayas, we can't wait for the morning. 

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Day 1 Blog 2

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