Day 2 Nargarkot to Namo Bhudda

We day started with a spectacular view of the sun rising from our rooms and the Himalayas, but Everest was hiding. Breakfast and then the warm up this morning was taken by Cat McNeil who had us all stretching however Guy Bolam seemed to think he was at a Disco.

 Day 2 Blog 1

On to the Bikes and almost immediately we faced the first 700 feet of climbing today out of a total of 2500 feet over 20 miles. Not what any of us wanted first thing after breakfast and we were all ready for a break at the top especially '2 Cog Toby' Cobb as he will now be known as he remarked halfway up the climb "wow I've just realised I have a 3rd cog on the front".

Day 2 Blog 2

Guy was cycling with Cat a bit later when he decided he would take a short cut on a rather flat piece of grass and managed to come off. To Cat's delight it was all on video. It seems to be a bit of a theme developing here, Cat is always near everyone who has a mishap including Sanjay Parmar and myself.

Day 2 Blog 3

After a lovely lunch we were back on the bikes and it was fairly uneventful until the rain came just before we got to the hotel - where we found the faster riders in the dry enjoying coffee.

One of the support vans with half of the luggage got stuck a little way off and despite the valiant efforts of our superheroes John Roberts, Mo Rasool and Sanjay trying to push a car through the mud. Half of us were stuck without anything to change into but our brilliant support staff managed to get everything to us before the end of the evening. 

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