Cares 4 Kids London Marathon runners 2018

We are pleased to announce the 12 runners taking part in the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon to raise funds for Cares 4 Kids, The Openwork Foundation.

Andrew Jones - Irlam Estates Financial Services Ltd
Andrew Pike
Andrzej Kuich - Owl Financial
Antony Rutzler - Openwork
Brian Downton - Downton & Ali Associates
Craig Lasselles - The Centre Court Partnership
Ewan Brown - Melrose Mortgage Solutions
George Colson - CMG Advisers LLP
Hannah Knipe - Kings Group
Jack Warburton
Sarah Butler - Ramptons
Tom Ahearne - The Centre Court Partnership

You can sponsor your runner(s) of choice by clicking on their names above

The Virgin Money London Marathon showcases runners, champions, volunteers, supporters and spectators. The organisers received a world record 386,050 public ballot applications for the the 2018 event, for just 50,000 coveted ballot places.

Good luck to our 12 runners this is a really special event and each them deserve all of our support!

The Openwork Foundation is part of ZCT, registered charity number 266983

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