'Route to Wealth’ programme

The first group of candidates has embarked on our ‘Route to Wealth’ study programme.

We announced the launch of Route to Wealth in September 2017 – a programme designed to encourage mortgage advisers to move into the pensions and investment arena, enabling them to provide holistic financial planning.

The structured training, expected to last just under two years, is provided for nominated candidates and we reimburse all costs.

This first intake began the programme in January 2018 and comprises 13 candidates based in London with an average age of 39 years-old.

A second intake from in and around Belfast will commence the programme in April, with a third, focussing on advisers from the North East of England, scheduled for the end of Q2 2018.

Our mortgages director, John Cupis, commented: “Having announced the launch of Route to Wealth towards the end of last year, we are excited that it is now underway, with 13 Openwork mortgage advisers enrolled and more due to begin the programme in the coming months.

“Interest from advisers has been high. Many consumers will be introduced to financial advice when they buy their first property with the help of a mortgage adviser. If that mortgage adviser is able to advise on pensions and investments too, this will provide a continuity of service for clients as their financial needs evolve in later life and into retirement.

“Route to Wealth will go a long way to ensuring that our advisers are equipped to provide holistic advice suitable for the full range of client circumstances and support their clients throughout their lifetime .”

Christopher Grindey, mortgage adviser at Edward Mellor Limited and a candidate in the first Route to Wealth intake, added: “I am excited to be on the Openwork Route to Wealth programme. It is a valuable professional development opportunity that will allow me to offer a fuller range of financial advice and to build my career in this industry.”

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