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How long have you been working as an adviser, and how did you get into the role?
I have been in the insurance business for about a decade but moved into the protection industry about seven years ago. It grabbed my attention and interest when I realised I was advising people to take out policies that actually paid out and protected them and their families in difficult times. There’s an element of trust and loyalty, and I’m always honoured to be part of such a movement.

What inspired you to join Openwork?
The feeling of belonging to a family that cares was a major draw. Every time I come into contact with an Openwork team member, they always go above and beyond. This started from my initial enquiries, through to the recruitment team and compliance officers, and continues all the way to the Advice Quality Team. Everyone is always on your side ready to help in every way possible.

How would you describe your experience with Openwork so far?
I would describe it as being like a mother and her child. Openwork watches over you and makes sure you know what’s right and wrong. They provide great support and advice, but at the same time allow you to grow and become your own individual – all whilst achieving your dreams and goals.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
It is very fulfilling knowing we are making a huge impact on families and their loved ones. All of my clients have similar needs, which come back to the desire to protect their loved ones. It’s a feeling I cannot describe.

How do you describe your job to your family and friends?
It’s like providing a safety net to families in difficult times - we are able to lift the financial burden that these moments come with. We cannot stop nature, but we can help make that process easier on the ones left behind and enable them to focus on the great memories they shared.

What surprises people about what you do?
The in-depth knowledge required to be part of this industry and what the products can do to help people, as well as the passion I have to protect as many families as I can.

What ‘powers’ you through the day?
The very first smile on my son’s face when he wakes and the impact that can have on my family. This feeling powers me to help families put measures in place to protect their loved ones from financial stress when things don’t go to plan.

If we are able to protect a family a day I feel CA Consultants Ltd and Openwork are challenging the myth about ‘’protection not paying out’’, ‘’its complicated’’, ‘’it will never happen to me’’ but at the same time providing peace of mind to families.

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