I want to earn more

We believe financial advice is one of the most important professions you can embark upon, and that its rewards should reflect the value you offer your clients. If you want to increase your earnings, we can help you achieve that goal.

Because Openwork is home to a very wide range of financial planning businesses, we can help you choose a firm that fits with your skills and ambitions. And, because we operate across the advice spectrum, you have the freedom to extend your advice offering into new areas as you progress through your career.

Our proposition includes a range of referral options that can help you broaden your client proposition. That means you can offer a more holistic client service without taking on additional administration.

Your sales support contact will offer advice to help you identify more efficient, profitable ways of working, while our training programmes can help you improve your knowledge and hone your advice skills.

And, with our industry-leading marketing support, you can grow your client base or generate new business from existing clients. 

Join our network - the potential is unlimited, the opportunity is open.

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