The process we follow

Our advisers follow a process that is built to protect you and reflect your specific financial needs.

Understanding you and your needs

Your Openwork adviser will want to learn more about you, your circumstances, and your overall financial position. They will also ask you questions about your future goals and what your objectives are. If you're discussing investments, your Openwork adviser will also help you establish the degree of risk you're prepared to take with your money.

Explaining how your adviser will be paid

Your Openwork adviser will have to tell you what their charges are (where applicable) and how they will be paid. They will also need to disclose if there are any limits to the range of products they offer you. You may be asked to sign an agreement before your adviser completes any further work on your behalf.

Researching and designing a solution

Based on the information they have gathered, your adviser will research the options available to you, and recommend one that they think best meets your needs. Before they proceed, they will discuss this with you to ensure you understand what they have suggested and why.

Staying in touch

Your circumstances and goals may change over time, so your Openwork adviser will be on hand to help you meet new or existing goals. This may be on an 'ad hoc' basis, or as part of a formal ongoing service agreement.

It's all designed to help you achieve your goals - be it buying a home, protecting your assets or investing for the future.

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