I can’t afford to remain 'independent'

A growing number of financial advice firms have made the move to a ‘restricted’ model, as they begin to recognise the financial and practical implications of retaining independent status.

If you’re in the independent space, you’ll know how onerous it can be to maintain adequate knowledge of the wide range of investment products available in the market. This may demand significant resource from within your business to meet the necessary compliance demands.

Surely those resources could be put to better use?

With us, you will gain access to an investment proposition that offers significant choice backed by quality oversight. You could realise significant efficiency gains, giving you more time to spend with clients and run – and grow - your business.

Unlike many of our network competitors who’ve recently adopted the restricted model, we’ve a long-established heritage in this sector. That experience benefits you because we know exactly what it takes to help firms like yours become even more successful.

We believe that adopting a restricted model offers a cheaper, smarter, safer environment in which to grow your business. We also believe we’re best placed to help you make the transition.

Join our network - the potential is unlimited, the opportunity is open.

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