I need help with succession planning

Good succession planning can give you the freedom to gradually step back from your business and help you realise maximum value when you choose to exit.

Whether your priority is capital or income, we believe we have an option to suit you.

We can help you restructure your businesses to allow flexible succession plans, or support private client bank sales between Enterprises. Our ‘Market Capital Value’ (MCV) proposition, meanwhile, provides a guaranteed purchaser for your business for a lump sum.

If you’d prefer a lifetime income from your business when you choose to step away, we have options that will provide a regular income rather than a lump sum.

And, because every Openwork partner is automatically given a shareholding in the company, you could still remain a shareholder in the wider success of Openwork even after you've retired. 

When you choose to step back from the day-to-day running of your business, we’ll help you choose and implement the best option for you.

Join our network - the potential is unlimited, the opportunity is open.

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